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Recognized as one of the best representatives of the urban and alternative culture in Brasilia/DF, DJ Donna is the key to talk about women and feminism in Brazilian black music. Selected from more than 2,000 applicants from all over the world for the Red Bull Music Academy in 2002, Donna appears in magazines such as Capricho, Dj Sound, TPM, RG Vogue, and other major publications DJs women and women in Hip Hop.

Dedicated to black music of good quality, her musical sets range from Miami bass, break beat, ouse Music, Electro Funk, Ragga, Charme, R & B and Samba Rock.

First woman to stand out in the scene Hip Hop in Brasilia, Donna has character of leadership among DJs women and has played in big events, such as Love Parade, Fantasy, Stock Car Award Renault, Melanina, Makossa, Criolina, Brasília Outros 50, Virada Cultural de São Paulo, Women on Stage, Cena Contemporânea – Brasilia’s International Theatre Festival, Latinidades – Festival of Afro Latin American and Caribbean Women’s Festival, event of which she is the resident, among others.

Donna has already accompanied great Brazilian singers such as Karol Conká, Tássia Reis, Rico Dalasam, Janine Mathias, Livia Cruz and LeiDiDai. In 2014, the DJ ran the Urban Connections Project – the Street Culture Women’s Impressions Award for Funarte, following in 2015 and 2016 with presentations and lectures in schools, women’s shelters and needy places.

The DJ curates a big stage on Satélite 061 Festival (DF), was the creator of BOOM BAP party, made for dancers, teaches classes and DJ workshops and since the beginning of 2016 is touring throughout Brazil with Patubatê Group, on the Olympic Torch Rio 2016 Tour.

Profissão: DJ

Estilo que toca: Hip Hop

Veja mais: https://www.mixcloud.com/DonaDj/

Veja mais: https://www.facebook.com/DonaDj

Veja mais: https://youtu.be/abAIuwfcL6g

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